Phytomer Treatments

Phytomer Face Treatments

Extended Youth

Wrinkles Correction Firming Beauty Treatment for Mature Skin. For the first signs of aging and for mature skins is dedicated to prevent aging process, decrease of wrinkles, with firming, anti-sagging properties giving radiance to the skin. Target action onto deep wrinkles and face contour. 60 minutes 


This treatment perfectly balances effective moisturizing and intense relaxation. It combines signature products with ultra-sensory textures and a very relaxing massage to moisturize and comfort the skin, which instantly reveals its natural freshness. 60 minutes 


Perfectly adapted to city-dwellers and smokers! It is ideal for anyone living a stressful life in a high pollution area. It is perfectly suited to dull and tired skin revealing early fine lines and dark spots. 60 minutes 

Phytomer Body Treatments


Purifying back treatment! For stressed persons and especially with muscle tension on the back. Relaxes, detoxifies, rebalances and demineralise. 40 minutes 


Contouring beauty treatment for ABS – BUTTOCKS – THIGHS. Targeted to deep set Cellulite and curves located on the waist-knee area and saddlebags. Dedicated for contouring, loss of centimetres, anti-cellulite action, refine figure, smooth skin. 60 minutes 


A contouring program against sagging skin, loss of tonicity and ideal after childbirth or weight loss. Dedicated to firm, tone and offer elasticity. It is anti-ageing, treats stretch marks and reinforces the tone of the bust. 40 minutes 


Body exfoliation with salt crystals! For a radiant skin and to prepare the skin to treatments (contouring, firming, relaxing…). Can be done also before vacations, UV exposure, waxing… Instant radiance and exfoliation. 30 minutes 

Sea Holistic Relaxation Full Body Massage

Relaxing Body Massage for everybody. Offers total relaxation, radiance and hydration. Includes Marine Bolus Thai-inspired massage as well as an invigorating back thermal massage performed using lavender scented boluses. 70 minutes 

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